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There are many terms that get banded about such as cosmeceuticals, active skincare, medical grade skincare, and more – but what exactly do they mean, and why is some skincare so different to others, and how do you know which to purchase.

Medical grade skincare products are made to a higher standard than high street products. They are formulated to provide aesthetic and medicinal benefits by using active ingredients to bring about clinically proven changes in the skin. They should only be provided after a thorough skin consultation and assessment by a qualified and experienced medical professional who understands the ingredients and the science of the skin.

The ingredients within medical grade skincare work differently to those in highstreet brands because their formulations can penetrate deep into the skin, rather than just sitting on top. They are also stronger, more concentrated, and the correct conversion to be active. Examples include vitamin C (needs to be at least 10% L-ascorbic acid to be active on the skin, most highstreet brands claiming to be vitamin C creams use a different conversion and lower strength, meaning that it cannot be absorbed, and will not bring about the benefits that they claim. Retinol is another popular ingredient, but unless it is 0.25% or stronger of the correct formulation then it will not be active.

Not everyone’s budget can stretch to a full medical grade skincare regime, and at Dr Malaika Clinics we know that the most important thing is quality ingredients and a regime that you can keep up with consistently. Therefore recommending products out of your budget would be unrealistic because after a few months you would not be able to carry on. We therefore always strive to recommend various options, using both medical grade and high quality “over-the-counter” products that have proven efficacy.

Dr Malaika has been fully trained in ZO Skinhealth products, Obagi Medical products, and Fillmed Skin Perfusion products. After a thorough skincare consultation she will be provided with a comprehensive skincare protocol to tackle your specific skin complaints. Ongoing aftercare is always provided.