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At Dr Malaika Clinics, we use the most powerful IPL, the Lynton Dynamix, for fast and effective hair removal.

IPL uses the melanin within the hair, travelling down the hair shaft, heating up and damaging the hair follicle. It is important to arrive at your appointment with the area shaved (hair should be no longer than 1mm) in order for the IPL to work effectively. As it uses the melanin, this treatment cannot be carried out on white or grey hair, it works best on dark, coarse hair. Avoid waxing/plucking/epilation, etc. for 1 month prior to your appointment.

Please also ensure that you avoid sun exposure or sunbeds for 1 months before treatment, and throughout the treatment course. Any suntan or fake tan must also be fully faded before treatment can commence. Please ensure you are wearing SPF30+ daily on the treatment area throughout your treatment course.

Treatment TimeDepends on area size
Duration of resultsVaries
PainMild to moderate
Risks & complicationsLow
Course Length6-12 treatments
PriceFrom £30

When having any IPL treatment, you will need to have a patch test completed at least 2 weeks. These are carried out to assess how your skin will react to the full treatment, by looking at how well the light energy is absorbed.